Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Viva Italia- Milan!

My first international trip....from Spain! A few weeks ago a group of us who wanted to go on an international trip met up to decide when/where to go. After perusing the flight prices, we decided on Milan, Italy. Mainly because the flights were so cheap. Now I know why- it was freezing!! And foggy. Oh well, it's still a beautiful city.

So after stuffing ourselves repeatedly with pizza, pasta, and gelato, we toured the city and also took a day trip out to Como Lake. I also happened upon a traditional Milano dessert, called meneghina. It's a raisin bread, layered with cream in between, toasted and covered in Grand Marnier. Delicious!!

Drea's favorite gelato place 

The best pizza EVER! 

Meneghina! Mmmm...

Como Lake was beautiful, but also foggy. So I did my best with the pictures, but as I'm sure you already know, it would have been much a much better view on a clear day. We took a "fernicular" (basically a tram) up to the top of this mountain in the picture below to see the views.


In the fernicular on the way back down the mountain

L to R: Me, Kevin, Lien, Emma, Drea, and Kiburi

Shoutout to Kiburi who also has an SLR and to the rest of the group who let us play with long exposure photos!

The rest of the pictures are from explorations of Milan itself:

Il Duomo at night...way cooler than in the day time!

                             Front doors of Il Duomo             Inside...I wasn't allowed to take pictures..sneaky!

 The church that houses DaVinci's "Last Supper"

Inside the Last Supper church- beautiful! 
At this huge park behind the castle 

The castle! 

The castle at night! 

A huge archway dedicated to Napoleon and how he kept peace in Europe..what??

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  1. Beautiful pictures Nicole! I think the fog made them even more awesome!