Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cabo de Peñas & Luarco- More hidden gems

A few months ago, my boyfriend came to visit and brought his car. Since we had the liberty of being able to visit several places in one day, we decided to do a lap around the villages close to Gijón and see what they had to offer.

abandoned buildings by the highway 

Cabo de Peñas
This actually is not a village, it's just a cool place to visit. It's the northernmost point of land in Asturias, and its a rough jumble of rocks sticking straight out into the Bay of Biscay. There is no beach here, the land ends in tall cliffs that plunge almost straight down into the sea. The lighthouse is now partly a museum but is still in working condition and has been since 1852. 

                    the lighthouse's warning horn...
       wouldn't want to be caught here when they blow it!

Faro de Cabo Peñas (Cape Peñas Lighthouse)

Then we really did go to a village- Luanco. This is a popular summer beach destination so in the winter it was pretty empty. I also remember an icy, cutting wind that made me want to hustle into a cafe for a nice warm cup of tea! 

If you look really closely you can see the Picos de Europa in the far, far distance

                                                                                                My first attempt at HDR photos

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