Saturday, December 24, 2011

Amor por el mar- Cantabria

Here in Spain there is a thing called a puente. They have a lot of holidays that are on a Tuesday or a Thursday and they take the days off in between. So if there is a holiday on Tuesday, they will take the Monday before that off and call it a puente (bridge). In the beginning of December, there was a week where we had two puentes in one week! Actually, most schools took only one puente and worked two days in the week. I was supposed to work two days of the week, but I somehow weaseled out of it and ended up having to work only one day- and got two puentes! So two of my roommates and I went on a road trip up to one of the northern regions of Spain- Cantabria. We had had a few girls from Santander come visit and stay at our place a few weeks before hand so we figured we would call them up and see if we could stay with them and explore the area. My one roommate has a friend native to the area, so we had a list of awesome villages around Santander that we needed to visit.

1. Santander! We went on a tour around the city and the bay. Lien didn't really enjoy the ferry ride so much..she gets seasick! But it was a beautiful view around the city. The city isn't very old because it was burned down in the 1940's but there are still some cool buildings. My favorite was the cathedral which is a gothic building that was build on top of an old monastery. It also has a hole in the main floor which is roped off and covered with glass- it shows the Roman remains underneath the building.

The cathedral at night

Marina picture- for my dad!
Blueberry white chocolate to dip my churros in...mmm delicious!
                  The bay/mountains behind the marina

After Santander we went and visited several different tiny villages in the area. In these villages we saw a few different prehistoric caves which we couldn't take any pictures of, Gaudi's first building, a midieval town, and a really cool graveyard!

2. Puente Viesgo: Prehistoric caves

Looking down onto Puente Viesgo from the cave

We left the cave after our tour to this view

3. Santillana del Mar: Midieval Village

Water fountain

I think this is a school

The castle

The main square

4. Comillas: Gaudi house and awesome cemetery

Castle- some really rich guy from Cuba had it built
Atrium in the castle

Gaudi's first building- the sunflower house!

Photo credit: Lien

The cemetery!

The cemetery was build for the rich Cuban's son- the angel is looking over him. But the rich guy did eventually open the cemetery up to the whole community

Photo credit: Lien

Photo credit: Lien

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