Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Felices Fiestas Part 1: Madrid

Puerta del Sol- everyone together now!

Since I found out that I was accepted into this program to live in Spain for a while, my family has been really excited to come out and visit me...and they finally made it! I know I'm a little late on the uptake, but this is part of our journey, starting on Christmas. The three of them flew into Madrid on Christmas day, so I took the bus down to meet them. We rented a piso for a couple of days and from there we discovered Museo del Jamon, the Puerta del Sol, the Palacio Real, Parque Retiro, Plaza de Torros, and way too many museums!

The tiny alleyway to the piso that we rented in Madrid

One of the many dad and brother could have stayed here for a week without getting bored!
Palacio Real- not actually used as a royal residence anymore, just as a museum and for really important functions

Plaza at Palacio Real

Plaza de España

Cathedral opposite the palacio

Reppin...this is where I live in Logroño!

Parque Retiro

Mom and Dad pooped from walking so much

Parque Retiro

Parque Retiro

Parque  Retiro- Palacio Cristal

Parque  Retiro- Palacio Cristal

"Yay we're in Spain!"

A cathedral I liked outside of Retiro

Plaza de Torros



Museo de Jamon..."I'll have a croissant mixto por favor!"
Sports fans?

Tia Cebolla and her delicious sangria

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