Thursday, February 28, 2013

Asturias's Hidden Gem: Cudillero

The center of Cudillero

A couple of weekends ago my boyfriend and I were in Asturias for the weekend with no plans. I've been wanting to go to this tiny fishing village called Cudillero for a long time, so we decided it was the perfect day to go! So the both of us and a friend of mine got up early and caught the train out to this coastal gem.

This town is situated on the side of a mountain that leads right down into the sea. There is a way to climb up the side to look out over the water, but you have to find your way through a twisty turny maze of houses, minuscule sidewalks, and staircases. We didn't climb all the way to the top, but instead decided to go down and around the marina to catch some different views.

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