Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Taking a Snow Day

Being from Colorado and growing up in an area where it snows a lot means that when I leave for a place where it doesn't snow, I miss it a lot! Since the city I live in now, Gijón, is on the coast, I probably won't be walking to work in the snow this year.

But a couple of weekends ago I got lucky and got to make a trip to the snow! We went to an area in Soria called Piqueras, and even though I have a sprained ankle and can't hike far, we made the best of the trip with lots of snowballs. I also taught my boyfriend how to make a snow angel...he'd never heard of one before!

Snow angel lessons! 

 Warming up by the fire!

After the "hike" and a delicious lunch, we went to visit the village of Ortigosa, which is where my boyfriend's grandfather is from. This village is known for its caves, but they are closed in the winter so we will have to go back in the summer. 

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