Friday, November 29, 2013

Reminiscing about Paris

I've got a bit of a travel bug lately. I miss going somewhere new and discovering new foods and exploring back roads. But this year, I've decided to go visit my family, and I can't afford to explore new places and buy a plane ticket home! So, to try and tackle my travel bug, I'm going to write some posts reminiscing about trips I've taken that I haven't written about yet. So to start off this series, I'm going to tell you about my trip to Paris!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Prague in "Summer"

This summer my brother's girlfriend was doing a study abroad program in Prague. So of course, since she was in Europe, I had to go on a quick trip to visit her. My brother was visiting her also, so it was all four of us and we had a great time, even though we could only be there for a few days. Unfortunately, we hit a bit of bad weather-it rained almost the whole time! Even so, it was a great excuse to stay indoors and enjoy ridiculously cheap beer, and lots of meat and cabbage.

K and I enjoying some delicious beer! 

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Let it Snow...

The cold is just now arriving to Spain. Up until a couple of days ago it has still felt like summer to me, but it is finally winter! We heard that it was going to snow up in the higher altitudes this weekend, so without hesitation we decided to head up to the mountains for some play time in the snow. And we weren't disappointed!

We started out in a very small town called Lumbreras headed towards another small town; Villoslada. We didn't make it quite that far though!