Sunday, October 19, 2014

Eat, Drink, and Get Married- Twice!

It has been a really long time since I've actually written! I always think that during summer I'll write more, but it never happens. Oops.

But anyway, on to the real reason I'm writing: weddings!

Spanish Wedding:

The first wedding was June 14th in Logroño, the city we currently call home. We had the ceremony at the town hall, and continued the party with a lunch at a restaurant called Le Bistró, later followed by a few hours in a disco called Casino.

Getting ready...

 Before the wedding we all met in the plaza in front of the town hall while we waited for the woman to tell us we could go up to the Salon de Retratos (Portrait Room), which is where the ceremony was going to take place.

This is the city councilwoman who married us, us with our two witnesses, Alvaro and Tess, 
and all our friends and family behind. 

Everything was so fast! We had half an hour from when they brought everyone up, married us, everyone congratulated us, and then they were telling us to get out because they had another wedding to do! Then we took pictures and after headed into lunch, where we stuffed our faces for several hours. We don't have a lot of pictures from lunch but here are some random things:
The head table: my parents, Héctor and I, and his dad and half sister

Traditionally the cake topper is given to the next couple who the bride and groom think are going to get married. We gave it to our friends and photographers Tess and Michael.

Then we received gifts from two different groups of friends. One was an old computer tower full of concrete and coins. It was really heavy so this is my dad testing it out. The other was an umbrella with cards hanging down. Each card had a little saying on one side and money on the other. 

 The wedding favors were little boxes full of American candy
to give the Spaniards a taste of the deliciousness!

These are a few of my favorite shots around the city: 

Thank you so much to Tess and Michael for taking amazing pictures! We love you guys!

Colorado Wedding:

The second wedding was in Colorado, where most of my family and state-side friends attended. We had the ceremony and lunch at a beautiful lake house in Evergreen. I am so grateful that we were able to celebrate with everyone that we love, whether in Europe or in the US.

My awesome bridal party!

For our unity ceremony we used a Navajo Wedding Vase and wine. I poured American wine and Hector poured Spanish wine and then we shared drinks out of it.

The kiss!

Then we took pictures, and ate some BBQ and cake!

Pictures with both of our families. My mom's family on the left, and Héctor's family on the right.

Some of my dad's family. My three cousins on the right were in charge of handing out birdseed to be thrown at the bride and groom!

Then we did a little dancing!

 Father Daughter dance

 Now I have to finish by saying thank you to my parents for all the love and support and especially to my mom for planning this wedding! We love you! XOXO


  1. Beautiful pictures! And beautiful bride! So sorry to have missed such a beautiful wedding. Miss you girl!

    1. Thank you Anne!! I'm so sorry you missed it, I would have loved to have seen you finally! Hope you and Ryan are doing well, besos!!