Sunday, August 20, 2017

Costa Rica- Manuel Antonio

Last Thanksgiving, Hector and I decided that it was time to escape and go somewhere really cool! We decided on Costa Rica and it was amazing! I wish we had had more time to be there but maybe we can go back someday. There are three parts to this post. Part 1- Tortuguero is here and Part 2- La Fortuna is here.

We drove 4.5 hours from La Fortuna (where the volcano was) to Manuel Antonio which is on the Pacific side of Costa Rica. When we got there we saw animals all over- right in our hotel!
These guys joined us while we had lunch at the hotel restaurant! A three-toed sloth and a Capuchin monkey. There were also these strange large rodents all over the place that looked a little like rabbits but not:

Views from our hotel room:

 After lunch we walked down to the beach and went for a swim...the first and only beach time we got the whole time! On the way, I guy came out of a hotel and asked us if we wanted to see a Capuchin monkey with a baby...of course we did!

 Nice flowers, and a creepy spider along the way:

Since the hurricane had hit Nicaragua two days before, Costa Rica had called a national emergency, which meant that all of the National Parks were closed the day we arrived and the next day. So since we hadn't been able to do a zip line tour in La Fortuna we decided to do one here and it turned out to be a lot of fun! 

The next day Manuel Antionio was open and I'm so glad- it was INCREDIBLE! Just look at all of the animals we saw!

                        A chamelion                                                Howler monkeys


A coati

                              A crab...........and a the same forest!

And this big lazy bum who hung around scratching himself for who knows how long!

That's all for this time! Make sure you check out Part 1-Tortuguero and Part 2- La Fortuna!

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