Monday, June 27, 2011

Summertime Livin'

I know it's been a long time since I've written anything but I've felt like I don't have anything to write. I'll think of something. First of all, Korea is coming up so fast I can't even believe it! I get so nervous when I look at the countdown on my page and it says only 1 week. Just looking at that today has made me realize that I need to start packing soon. We had a meeting last week on the UCCS campus and I met some of the other interns that I will be traveling with. I am the youngest in the bunch! There are only 3 other people but they are all much older than I am and obviously have a lot more teaching experience. Its a little overwhelming going into this with people that have so much more experience; but I'm hoping that my enthusiasm for what I'm doing will shine through and snag me some merit points. I continue to talk with people who have suggestions for what to eat but I haven't written any of it down and don't remember most of it!

Garden of the Gods from afar
Other than counting down the days until I leave, I've just been trying to enjoy my summer! I've been catching up with old friends and enjoying outdoor things.

I work really close to a beautiful park so I try to spend time over there when I'm on my lunch break-it's a nice break from yelling and screaming children to be able to just lay in the sun outside! I've also discovered that this park has a frisbee golf course which I intend to utilize as much as I can before I leave because I'm not quite sure Koreans are into that kind of thing....  Also one of my favorite parts of summer: BBQs!! I went to one both days this weekend and it was quite nice.

Still practicing with the are some of the most recent photos:

I found this sign in my Catholic grandmother's garden....confused? Me too

My grandpa to a T!

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