Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Weekend back in Colorado

This weekend my uncle and cousin came out to visit from California. The main thing we did while they were here was have an 80th birthday party for my grandpa. His actual birthday isn't until halfway through September, but we can always have the party whenever we want, right? We went to a park and all the family that lives in Colorado joined us for the festivities.

                                Katelyn and Mia                      Dad has a parasite growing off his arm...

Aunt Maizie, Grandma, and Mom

Frater Fam

Erik and Zach, trying to hide his missing front teeth

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Playing football

Maizie, Grandma, and Julie 

                      Race- Go Mia, Go!                                  Grandpa and Mia playing with the balloons

Christina, Jeff, and The Hat. 


On Sunday we went down to the boat and went sailing for the first time since I've been back. I was so busy relaxing that I didn't even take my camera out. Not one picture! On Monday I went to the zoo with my uncle, cousin and grandparents. It was hot and my grandparents got tired out pretty quickly. Even so, my uncle wanted to see every animal that he possibly could, so we saw every exhibit. They have a new exhibit under construction that should be pretty cool- and almost double the size of the zoo. It's going to be for the elephants, rhinos, taipers, etc. I wish it was already open! I'm sure you've already seen most of these animals but I wanted to post some pictures for fun :) 

This is a dik dik!  RAWR!!

                                    Chillen in the pool                            Kimodo Dragon- He's as big as I am! 

Poison Frogs 

 Free rides on the hippo!

Elefante! My favorite!                                                    Little monkey

Flamingos! They were smelly. 

Well hello Christina, you and that gorilla look quite intimate! 

                    This lorikeet was posing for the camera!                     Bald eagle

I've been trying to keep busy since I've been back- less time to dwell on the fact that I'm not in Korea anymore. It works some days better than others. I've gotten a lot of errands taken care of, doctor's appointments, etc. I put in my visa application for Spain last week so I'm hoping for speedy processing so I can get to Madrid on time! I also put in an application for graduate school at UCCS. I'm looking at doing a master's degree in TESL. My top priority is to get credit for the Korea internship. I'm also trying to do as much active stuff as I can- running, hiking, yoga, etc. I might be hiking a 14er this weekend for the first time ever. So excited!!

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