Friday, August 12, 2011

Korean Fashionista?

Last weekend when I was prowling downtown looking for street photographs, I met two men who were also looking for street photographs. Except they were looking for street fashion! I walked past them when a car drove by one time and they caught up with me quickly. They both said hi and that my "sunglasses were so beautiful!" the one guy told me he was a fashion blogger and the other guy is a fashion designer. Try guessing who is who in the picture! Haha. But they took my picture, asked me questions about what I was doing here in Korea and how long I would be here and such. Then they took my email address so they could send me the picture. I didn't think that they would actually send me anything but they did! Here is the link: I know it's in Korean and all but I have figured out a very loose translation. The heading says something about my style of attractive spontaneity, the other heading says charming beauty, and the main body goes on to say some very poetic things about my style including my camera, umbrella and my smile! I'm not trying to be vain or self-centered here, but I think it's pretty cool that I made it into a fashion blog in my camelback and chaco's! Woot for Coloradoan style!! Here are the guys who took my pic (I know I already posted it but I'll post it again!)

On a different note, I tried out my first Korean BBQ place for dinner last night and it was DELICIOUS! We went into Chilgok around where most of the teachers who live off campus have their apartments and the BBQ places are all over. We went to this one with gorgeous eight pane window sliding wooden doors (wow that's a lot of adjectives-I hope that makes sense, I didn't bring my camera). The tables inside are like giant metal containers with a platform around the top and a hole in the middle. You order whatever kind of meat you want and they bring out a pot of hot coals and put it in the hole in the middle. They have a ventilation system over the top of all of the tables so they pull that down close to the coals and put a grate on top. When they bring your meat, it's raw and you have to cook it yourself. The way you are supposed to eat the meat is to wrap it up in a piece of lettuce with onions and kimchi and there are all kinds of different sauces to include in it too.  I have a favorite sauce but I have no idea what it is called or what may be in it! I have also been eating kimchi! I was wary at first (pickled vegetables with red peppers) but I actually like it. It's much fresher here than anything I think you would be able to find in the states. At the BBQ place we had bean sprout kimchi and it was very interesting. 

Anyway, I'm off to my next adventure this afternoon-Busan for the 3 day weekend! Beaches, here I come!

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