Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thoughts on returning to the States

I just got back from Korea on Saturday. It was a very loooong Saturday seeing as I left Saturday morning at 8:30 am and got into Colorado 30 hours later at 11:00 pm on Saturday. Time travel is weird. I've hesitated to write a post because I've had a lot of things to process and I was hoping to organize my thoughts, but it seems to be turning out that just a few days isn't going to do the trick. So here I am, trying to put into words all of the things that I've been feeling/thinking these past couple of days. I have some writer's block- mainly because I have no idea where to start.

My first thoughts on returning to the USA:

1. Not cool.
2. Really not cool.
3. Really really not cool.

Hmm. That seems a little redundant. It seems to encapsulate my thoughts over the past couple of days though. I was not ready to leave Korea. I haven't seen enough, I haven't traveled enough, and I haven't experienced enough to leave yet. I also met some fantastic people that I was just starting to get to know and love. My "Korea family" has been a great support system these past several weeks and I have been missing them all.

And then I come back home and life goes on as usual. It's like nothing ever changed. It almost feels like I didn't go at all. My first couple of days back I have spent running errands (now that I look back on it, I'm not sure what was so important about all those errands). The only important thing was to get my Spanish visa application in, and I put that in the mail today! I also am under pressure to find a job ASAP that I can work for only a couple of months until I leave. I think I will have to be ambiguous and say "I'll be around for a few months...."

Don't get me wrong, it has been great to see my family. Ok, my parents. Because my brother doesn't think I'm cool enough to drive all the way down from Fort Collins for. And I do have friends to catch up with. But I feel like my life has been whirling around at the speed of light, and now I'm back in Colorado where life is moving super slow again. It's all about patience I guess. I'm not very good at that sort of thing.

Some things on my current to do list:
-get a job
-find a yoga studio
-walk my dog every day
-go on some good hikes
-read a few good books
-brush up on my mad piano skills
-get a Kindle! and a new camera strap
-start packing? No, it's waaay too soon
-stay positive!

I'm sorry, I know this post isn't nearly as exciting as my last bunch. Until next time :)

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  1. Welcome home :) Time has indeed flown by, I guess it just does when you are having fun. I'd love to meet up with you sometime soon, maybe we can take the dogs for a hike together.

    And I totally understand you on the job is awkward and of the few pending to hire jobs I've had, I went ahead and told them I was getting married and moving. They then moved on with the search and didnt even want me for the two months. Oh well. :(